Saturday, May 15, 2021

ReScript lang => JavaScript, with React

ReScript’s website

"The JavaScript-like language you have been waiting for.
Previously known as BuckleScript and Reason (Learn more)"

The ReScript Association

This is ReScript with Patrick Ecker (JS Party #175) |> Changelog


The nitty gritty on BitMidi

Installation | ReScript Language Manual

ReScript – the language after TypeScript? - codecentric AG Blog

"ReScript (formerly ReasonML) is the brainchild of React framework creator Jordan Walke. Although the language has only existed since 2016, an entire team is now working on its further development. Besides Facebook and financial giant Bloomberg, volunteer enthusiasts from all over the world are involved. It is therefore hardly surprising that the project has over 5,000 stars and almost 300 participants on GitHub and scores very well in surveys on developer satisfaction, as State Of JS shows. In the State of JS 2018 study, ReScript (at that time still called ReasonML) even won the prediction award – the award for emerging technologies.

Surprisingly, however, ReScript is not a completely new language. The underlying OCaml has been around since 1996, and Walke noticed that OCaml was a good fit for React, but the unfamiliar syntax put off many front-end developers. So he came up with the idea: How about giving the OCaml language a syntax that allows JavaScript developers to quickly find their way around? Thus, ReScript allows the concepts of a mature functional programming language with the popular Hindley-Milner type system to be transferred to the frontend in a very short time. This works surprisingly well: ReScript is relatively easy to learn for JavaScript and TypeScript developers. The language comes with an excellent type system, high performance and concepts from functional programming. For such a young language, there is also already relatively sophisticated tooling available.

Sidenote: OCaml and ReScript share the same roots as F# – another member of the ML-family which is great alternative in Microsofts .Net-ecosystem."

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