Monday, May 03, 2021

Cloudflare Pages & Workers

Cloudflare Announces the General Availability of Cloudflare Pages @InfoQ

"Cloudflare Pages: a fast, secure, and free way for frontend developers to build, host, and collaborate on JAMstack sites.

In December last year, Cloudflare announced the beta of Cloudflare Pages, including benefits of hosting on Cloudflare Edge, integration with GitHub repositories, and the Cloudflare Workers Platform. With the GA release of Cloudflare Pages, the company added a few new features such as web analytics, built-in redirects, protected previews, live previews, and optimized images.

According to a Cloudflare blog post on the GA release, Web analytics is a free built-in feature allowing developers to observe traffic to a website from the go-live date. With a single click, developers can start tracking their site's progress and performance, including metrics about your traffic and web core vitals."

Cloudflare is in direct competition with two cloud hosting companies Netlify or Vercel, allowing developers to build and deploy sites using JAMstack frameworks.

Cloudflare Pages

With Pages, just install the GitHub app onto your repo. After that, it’s just git push — we’ll build and deploy for you.

common frameworks including React, Vue, Gatsby, and Hugo:

Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.


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