Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Google Cloud Databases

Google Cloud Databases with Andi Gutmans - Software Engineering Daily





Firebase, Firestore

Firebase is a BaaS platform (Backend as a Service)
offering a wide variety of features and components for enhanced mobile and web application development. Firebase is preferred by many business owners and developers due to the level of usability it offers. Using the service reduces the need for users to develop APIs and manage servers. Firebase can also be customized based on the specific requirements of developers.

Firebase works with two different databases. The Real-Time Database is the original Firebase database product, and Cloud Firestore is a new and improved version of the Real-Time Database.

Cloud Firestore refers to a NoSQL cloud database that can be used to store and sync data for server-side and client-side programming purposes. Cloud Firestore facilitates flexible mobile, web, and server development. It can also be used for synchronizing data across real-time applications.

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