Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tesla 4680 battery cell

 Tesla unveils new 4680 battery cell: bigger, 6x power, and 5x energy - Electrek

The automaker says that just with the new cell form factory they would increase range by 16%.
However, Tesla didn’t reveal improvement in energy density and instead focus on the form factor.
It also results in a 14% reduction in cost per kWh — again at the cell form factor level only.

Watch Live! Tesla's Annual Shareholder Meeting & Battery Day - YouTube

Tesla announces ‘tabless’ battery cells that will improve range of its electric cars - The Verge

Tesla’s Elon Musk said a $25,000 electric car with next-gen battery in the works - The Verge

"Tesla announced that it will dramatically reduce the cost of its battery cells and packs — which means the company’s new goal is a $25,000 electric car. The company’s CEO Elon Musk said its new “tabless” battery cells, as well as by changing the materials inside the cell, will allow Tesla to “halve” the price per kilowatt-hour, which will make electric cars roughly the same price as combustion engine ones."

Tesla is going to have new head of its Advanced Battery Research in Canada - Electrek

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