Saturday, June 22, 2019

Podcast: Your Undivided Attention

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Your Undivided Attention Podcast - Center For Humane Technology

CHT_ Undivided Attention Podcast, Ep.1 _What Happened in Vegas_ Transcript
CHT Undivided Attention Podcast Ep.2 Shouldve Stayed in Vegas Transcript

Flow ... has been described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as optimal human experience...  
Too high skill is basically a right angle, it's too much effort it breaks the flow.
... to find that sweet spot in between anxiety and boredom,

human nature is misused by modern advertising technology

"four components of 'ludic loop': 
  • solitude, 
  • fast feedback, 
  • random rewards, 
  • continuity with no resolution.
... has become a toxic loop that is facilitated by contemporary technology"

A phrase you should know: “ludic loop” | NEXT Conference

"It's that circle of doing the same thing again and again because you get just enough reward to keep you trying for it:"
podcast interview:
Ex-Google Design Ethicist Tristan Harris on Technology and Human Downgrading

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