Sunday, June 23, 2019

Kubernetes: Service Mesh Interface (SMI) Istio vs Linkerd

SMI | A standard interface for service meshes on Kubernetes.

service mesh - Software Engineering Daily

Service Mesh Interface with Lachlan Evenson - Software Engineering Daily

"Whichever container deployment system you choose, your application and its multiple servers need a way to route traffic, measure telemetry, and configure security policy. A service mesh abstraction can help serve these use cases.

...Deis, a company which built an open source platform-as-a-service running on top of containers and Kubernetes... was acquired by Microsoft..."

The Deis team is behind one of the latest Azure contributions to the Kubernetes ecosystem,
the Service Mesh Interface (SMI).

"top three service mesh features
  • Traffic policy – apply policies like identity and transport encryption across services
  • Traffic telemetry – capture key metrics like error rate and latency between services
  • Traffic management – shift and weight traffic between different services"

How the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) fits into the Kubernetes landscape | Kinvolk

Service Mesh Wars with William Morgan - Software Engineering Daily

"A service mesh is an abstraction that provides traffic routing, policy management, and telemetry for a distributed application."

Linkerd @GitHub : from Buoyant (small company, provides support, training)

v1: Scala,  v2: Go (control) + Rust (proxy)

Istio / What is Istio?

Istio @GitHub : from Google (also using Envoy proxy from Lyft)

Go (control) + C++ (proxy)

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