Monday, April 01, 2019

WebAssembly System Interface: WASI

Mozilla Announces WASI Initiative to Run Web Assembly on All Devices, Computers, Operating Systems

"WebAssembly System Interface (WASI), defines one single conceptual operating system interface, which can be implemented by multiple, actual operating systems.

The WASI standard will strive to provide WebAssembly's portability and security through a modular set of standard interfaces, and to provide a solid foundation for an ecosystem. Mozilla and Fastly are already shipping prototypal WASI implementations."

WebAssembly: Swift, C#, Java and Oxygene in the Browser

Fastly Open-Sources Lucet, Its WebAssembly Compiler and Runtime

"...creating a WebAssembly instance for each of the tens of thousands of requests per second in a single process, which requires a dramatically lower runtime footprint than possible with a browser JavaScript engine. Lucet can instantiate WebAssembly modules in under 50 microseconds, with just a few kilobytes of memory overhead. By comparison, Chromium’s V8 engine takes about 5 milliseconds, and tens of megabytes of memory overhead, to instantiate JavaScript or WebAssembly programs."

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