Tuesday, February 05, 2019

SQL + NoSQL: MySQL, Postgress...

Oracle MySQL Cloud ServiceMySQL :: Guide to MySQL and NoSQL - Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

MySQL :: MySQL Document Store

MySQL Document Store

"Native JSON Document Storage - MySQL provides a native JSON datatype is efficiently stored in binary with the ability to create virtual columns that can be indexed. JSON Documents are automatically validated."

Is Postgres NoSQL Better Than MongoDB? | Aptuz Technology Solutions

PostgreSQL, the NoSQL Database | Linux Journal

"One of the most interesting new developments in PostgreSQL is that of HStore, which provides a key-value store within the PostgreSQL environment. Contrary to what I originally thought, this doesn't mean that PostgreSQL treats a particular table as a key-value store. Rather, HStore is a data type, akin toINTEGER, TEXT and XML. Thus, any column—or set of columns—within a table may be defined to be of type HSTORE"

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