Saturday, May 12, 2018

.NET Core 3 = WinForms, WPF, EF + .NET Core, ML.NET

Microsoft .NET team is creating useful upgrade path for WinForms and WPF apps.
There is even an option to compile app code to single .EXE without dependencies, GoLang-style.
ML.NET is a Machine Learning framework, being added to .NET Core to support AI development.

Announcing .NET Core 3 with Scott Hunter @ .NET Rocks! vNext

Announcing .NET Core 2.1 RC 1 Go Live AND .NET Core 3.0 Futures - Scott Hanselman

"You'll soon be able to take your existing WinForms and WPF app and swap out the underlying runtime. That means you can run WinForms and WPF on .NET Core 3 on Windows."
Diagram showing that .NET Core will support Windows UI Frameworks

Introducing ML.NET: Cross-platform, Proven and Open Source Machine Learning Framework | .NET Blog
"ML.NET enables ML tasks like classification (e.g. text categorization and sentiment analysis) and regression (e.g. forecasting and price prediction). Along with these ML capabilities, this first release of ML.NET also brings the first draft of .NET APIs for training models, using models for predictions, as well as the core components of this framework, such as learning algorithms, transforms, and core ML data structures."

Introducing ML.NET - YouTube

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