Sunday, January 14, 2018

ARM + LTE 2-in-1 laptops

PC-phone convergence is happening, but not how you think - CNET
"...rather than phones becoming more like computers, computers are becoming more like phones.
...Qualcomm Snapdragon systems announced:
lenovo-miix-630-laptop-ces-2018-7395 lenovo-miix-630-laptop-ces-2018-7412 
...they'll cost $600 and up, the same as many mainstream laptops in the US. Instead, they promise some very high-end features, including always-on LTE connectivity (like a phone) and 20-plus hours of battery life with weeks of standby time, which also sounds more like a phone than a PC."
(or like iPad Pro, just with better price, and running Windows apps :)

"release in Q2, priced at $799 with the stylus and keyboard attachment"

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