Saturday, January 13, 2018

2018: "The year of AI" (vs. ML vs. Humans?); DeepMind vs Chess

based on CES 2018, this will be "the year of AI"

Artificial Intelligence Marketplace - CES 2018

CES 2018: What the Gadget Fest Looks Like in ‘the Year of A.I.’ - The New York Times

Report Claims That 16% Of Adults In The US Own Amazon's Echo Or Google's Home

Excellent podcast interviews with AI luminaries:

Launchpad Studio with Malika Cantor and Peter Norvig | Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Peter Norvig clearly explains role of ML vs. general AI:
Machine Learning is based on statistical analysis of large amounts of data,
recently improving exponentially, based on with cloud computing and available data.

Does Artificial Intelligence Need A Code Of Ethics? | On Point
Stuart Russell, AI pioneer and author of seminal book (that I have studied!)  "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach."
by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

Sebastian Thrun, professor of computer science at Stanford University. (@SebastianThrunSebastian Thrun - Wikipedia

Open letter on artificial intelligence written by Stuart Russell.

Video: Stuart Russell TED Talk

Video: Sebastian Thrun TED Talk
"Commissioned by Stuart Russell, this disturbing video warns of the dangers of some forms of artificial intelligence.":  Slaughterbots - YouTube
DeepMind’s AI became a superhuman chess player in a few hours - The Verge

Chess AI: "Machine Learning" vs "Expert Systems"

"In the paper, DeepMind describes how a descendant of the AI program that first conquered the board game Go has taught itself to play a number of other games at a superhuman level. After eight hours of self-play, the program bested the AI that first beat the human world Go champion; and after four hours of training, it beat the current world champion chess-playing program, Stockfish. 
the new AI program, named AlphaZero, wasn’t specifically designed to play any of these games. ... it was given some basic rules ... with no other strategies or tactics. It simply got better by playing itself over and over again at an accelerated pace — a method of training AI known as “reinforcement learning.”

a chess board

AI online classes (free):

Learn AI - Artificial Intelligence Course | Udacity
by Peter Norvig & Sebastian Thrun

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