Sunday, November 26, 2017

Azure Migrate: VMware to Azure Cloud

Recently AWS and VMware announced partnership where VMware is using AWS for hosing and managing VMs on cloud. Essentially VMware is renting cloud HW from AWS, and selling VM managed services. Now, Microsoft Azure announced a similar offering of hosted VMware on Azure cloud, manged with some other partner, not by VMware itself, possibly creating a controversy.

Transforming your VMware environment with Microsoft Azure | Blog | Microsoft Azure
  • "Azure Migrate can discover your on-premises VMware-based applications without requiring any changes to your VMware environment. 
  • Once discovery has completed, with just a few easy clicks, you can migrate your on-premises applications to Azure. Azure Site Recovery (ASR) enables customers to migrate VMware-virtualized Windows Server and Linux workloads with minimal downtime.
  • Once deployed in Azure, with the free Azure Cost Management service (formerly called Cloudyn), you can easily forecast, track, and optimize your spending."

"...Most workloads can be migrated to Azure easily using the above services; however, there may be specific VMware workloads that are initially more challenging to migrate to the cloud. For these workloads, you may need the option to run the VMware stack on Azure as an intermediate step... preview of VMware virtualization on Azure, a bare-metal solution that runs the full VMware stack on Azure hardware, co-located with other Azure services. We are delivering this offering in partnership with premier VMware-certified partners."

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