Saturday, October 14, 2017

data forecasting AI: Time-Series Regression Using a C# Neural Network

Test Run - Time-Series Regression Using a C# Neural Network
By James McCaffrey | October 2017 | Get the Code: C# VB

"The goal of a time-series regression problem is to make predictions based on historical time data.... this article... demonstrate how to perform a time-series regression analysis using rolling-window data combined with a neural network. ...The demo program analyzes the number of airline passengers who traveled each month between January 1949 and December 1960."

Time-Series Regression Line Chart

MSDN Magazine October 2017

Code Downloads for October 2017 MSDN Magazine

Time Series Regression using a C# Neural Network | James D. McCaffrey

James D. McCaffrey | Software Research, Development, Testing, and Education

James McCaffrey at Microsoft Research

GitHub - Azure/Time-series-forecasting-using-CNTK: The code to accompany “Time-series-forecasting-using-CNTK” tutorial on Cortana Intelligence Gallery 

Time Series Forecasting | Cortana Intelligence Gallery (using R)

Time Series Forecasting with Azure ML | NaadiSpeaks

Time Series Data - International Institute of Forecasters

Time Series Data Library - Data provider — DataMarket

International airline passengers: monthly totals in thousands. Jan 49 – Dec 60 — Dataset — DataMarket

RPubs - Air Passengers Forecast (with R language)
"The number of international passengers per month on an airline (Pan Am) in the united states were obtained from the Fedral Aviation Administration for the period 1946-1960. The company used the data to predict future demand before ordering new aircraft and training aircrew."

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