Friday, July 14, 2017

AI, ML: Google Cloud Platform += Kaggle

GCP recently acquired Kaggle, a data science community site.
Kaggle is apparently using Microsoft Azure (see podcast interview below)
A small team (15 people) but a big name and community (1+ million)...
Likely it was an expensive acquisition...

Kaggle with Wendy Kan | Google Cloud Platform Podcast
  • Kaggle home page
  • Kaggle Competitions list
  • Kaggle Datasets list
  • Tensorflow: An open-source software library for Machine Intelligence
  • Keras: The Python Deep Learning library

Google Cloud to enhance AI developments through Kaggle community - Open Source For You

Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle | TechCrunch

Google is acquiring Kaggle | Hacker News

Ask HN: How much did Google pay for kaggle? | Hacker News

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