Sunday, May 21, 2017

moon rockets: LEGO; China & EU

LEGO Ideas - Blog - Introducing LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V
"You'll be able to find the 1 meter high (approximately 1:110 scale) icon of space exploration in stores from the 1st of June, 2017 for a recommended retail price of just USD 119.99 / EURO 119.99 / GBP 109.99. With 1969 LEGO elements the 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V rockets its way into LEGO Ideas history as the tallest LEGO Ideas set, as well as the one containing most elements. "

Chinese and European space agencies in talks to build a moon base | TechCrunch
"...working together to build a human-occupied “moon village” from which both agencies can potentially launch Mars missions, conduct research, and possibly explore commercial mining and tourism projects.
China’s upcoming projects in space include a mission to collect samples from the moon via an uncrewed craft by the end of this year, and to also launch an exploratory mission to the far side of the moon next year, with the similar aim of returning samples for study."

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