Tuesday, April 18, 2017

private cloud: Walmart OpenStack 100K cores

Gigaom | For retailers the buy-or-build cloud decision looms large

@Walmartlabs deploying 100K cores of OpenStack 
"@WalmartLabs is now running in excess of 100,000 cores of OpenStack on its compute layer.
It’s also the technology that ran parent company Walmart’s prodigious Cyber Monday and holiday season sales operations.
Nothing says big like Walmart. It has around $480 billion in annual revenue, more than 2 million employees, and more than 11,000 retail locations worldwide (including Sam’s Club and Walmart International venues). Walmart.com claims more than 140 million weekly visitors. So scale was clearly an issue from the get-go.

What @WalmartLabs loved about OpenStack was that it could be molded and modified to fit its specifications, without vendor lock-in."

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