Monday, April 10, 2017

AI, ML, cloud: Bot for Stock Trading Based on Tweets

An interesting experiment, with some real money:
Trading "bot" that decides to buy or sell based on "sentiment analysis" of tweets by President Trump:

Some cloud tools that could be used for sentiment analysis:

Bot of the U.S. (@BOTUS) | Twitter 
(name play on POTUS tweet account: President Of The US)

Episode 763: BOTUS : Planet Money : NPR
"All decisions on buying and selling stocks are made automatically by BOTUS, a computer program. BOTUS makes trades by analyzing tweets from @realDonaldTrump to recognize when he mentions a publicly traded company. BOTUS also measures the sentiment using VADER Sentiment Analysis. If BOTUS decides a tweet is positive, it will buy the stock mentioned in the tweet; if BOTUS decides the tweet is negative, it will sell the stock short. BOTUS will hold the position for 30 minutes, then get out. BOTUS was built with Tradeworx and trades through the Interactive Brokers platform."
Planet Money : NPR

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