Monday, August 08, 2016

Walmart += (- $3.3 B) is a very interesting e-commerce startup from northern NJ, just across river from NY.
It is a "big data" platform, using F# as a preferred programming language and Azure cloud.
It is competing with Now, Walmart may provide the scale.
Can this out-Amazon is another question, since Amazon is a culture, not just a service.
And that is likely a very different culture than Walmart's...

Walmart buying for $3.3 billion to take on Amazon - Aug. 8, 2016

Why Walmart Buying To Try And Compete With Amazon Would Not Be A Match Made In Heaven - Forbes

Why Walmart is spending $3 billion for
"Walmart will acquire e-commerce start-up in a $3 billion cash deal expected to help the world's largest retailer become a powerhouse online shopping destination.
Walmart will thrown in another $300 million in shares paid out to Jet over time, according to the terms announced Monday.
Online sales are still just a fraction of Walmart's overall business, coming in at $13.6 billion last year, out of $482 billion in total revenue. Amazon hit more than $100 billion in sales in 2015. Walmart is the second most-trafficked retail website in the U.S. behind Amazon."

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