Tuesday, May 17, 2016

IoT, Microsoft: Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T)

Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T) | Seth Juarez | Channel 9

"Jean Paoli and Taqi Jaffri chat about the Internet of Things and the new open sourceOpen Translators to Things project (alpha version). Check out the code on GitHub, read the blog and participate!"

"An Open Source project to translate common IoT schemas to specific hardware devices.
Any platform. Protocol Independent. Runs on Devices, Gateways or Cloud. Home or Industry.
When similar hardware devices are translated to the same schema, Apps, Cloud rule engines and Voice assistants can target common schemas to provide consistent and delightful experiences.

Introductory Blog Post
"Example of translation code snippets intended for reading the temperature from three different devices:

LM35 temperature sensor probe (adapted from here):
tempCC = (5.0 * reading(tempPin) * 100.0) / 1024.0

TMP36 temperature probe (adapted from here):
tempC = (5.0 * reading(tempPin) - 0.5) * 100

Directly from a 10K Ohm Thermistor on a custom breadboard (adapted from here)
tempC = log(((10240000/ reading(tempPin)) - 10000))
tempC = 1 / (0.001129148 + (0.000234125 + (0.0000000876741 * tempC ^ 2)) * tempC )
tempC = temp - 273.15"

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