Thursday, April 07, 2016

Android += Swift ?!

Google might bring Swift to Android - Business Insider
"The report says Google is considering making Swift a "first-class" language choice for programmers making apps for Android.

That means Google would make it much easier for developers to build their Android apps with Swift, right alongside the Java programming language most often used for Android apps today."

Oracle wants $9.3 billion from Google - Business Insider (for using Java)

Swift is a modern and fast language, so it likely to have very good performance compared with Java.

Or they can use C# or F#... with Xamarin now made open source that would be easy.

Google selected Java since most developers can use it. 
But JavaScript have even more developers now, as well as C#, and Swift is growing fast.
No harm for Google for expanding Android platform.

It may be time for a common "Mobile API platform" also, 
like one in Cordova/PhoneGap, or Xamarin Forms.

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