Thursday, May 12, 2016

book, ideas: Drive

Drive Book Cover
Drive by Daniel H. Pink | Brian Johnson

  • "Tom Sawyer effect" 
    • "intrinsic" motivation vs payment: when you pay people it implies that it is not worth doing on its own.
      So "contingent" rewards (get reward if you do something) are not good. 
  • Motivation 
    • 1.0: Survival 
    • 2.0: Carrot+Stick (contingent rewards and punishments)
    • 3.0: Drive: intrinsic motivation
      • Authonomy: you have control on what we do
        • Time
        • Task
        • Team
        • Technology
      • Mastery
        • (growth) Mindset: not fixed, you can get better if you put the work
        • Pain: deliberate practice, stretch outside of the comfort zone 
        • Asymptote: a path, not a destination, never perfect, always improving
      • Purpose: be engaged in something bigger than yourself
        • don't try to do too much; great leader summarized in one sentence
        • did I get better today?

Drive by Dan Pink - YouTube

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