Saturday, January 16, 2016

about programming by Alan Kay

one of most prominent computer scientists, creator of term "object programming"

"TCP/IP is universal DNA"...
where complication is matching complexity,
not like most software systems where complication is way ahead of natural complexity.
internet has never been stopped, and was completely updated many times while running
like a biological system

"Outlook:" "Point of view is worth extra 80 IQ points"
(maybe "vision" would be a better term)

"knowledge" is "silver", "outlook" is "gold", IQ is "lead" weight (no place to go)

"enormous amount of the 'noise' in the computing field today"
"computing has now turned to a 'pop-culture'"

"The 'Arts' : Tinkering, Engineering, Mathematics, Science"
"Computing is still mostly on the level of tinkering"

video: Alan Kay: Big Ideas Are Sometimes Powerful Ideas - YouTube
President of Viewpoints Research Institute, Alan Kay, articulates the differences between big ideas and powerful ideas. Taking a look through history, Kay theorizes that a big idea is just an idea, but a powerful idea is a big idea that someone acted upon.

squeakland : home of squeak etoys
Sample Etoys Screen

Viewpoints Research Institute
The Center of “Why?” Alan Kay

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