Friday, September 05, 2014

ideas: Flash Foresight - Daniel Burrus (!)

TEDxNASA - Daniel Burrus - Seeing Invisible Solutions to Impossible Problems - YouTube

Flash Foresight Executive Summary | Daniel Burrus
  • Anticipate (base your strategies on what will happen in the future);
  • Transform (how you sell, market, collaborate, communicate, educate and innovate);
  • Take your biggest problem — and skip it (it’s not your real problem anyway);
  • Go opposite (look where no one else is looking to see what no one else is seeing);
  • Redefine and reinvent (use tech-driven change to create new products and services);
  • Strategically direct your future (or someone else will direct it for you).
Read Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible - Business Insider

TEDxBayArea - Daniel Burrus - Using Flash Foresight To Drive Innovation and 
Growth - YouTube:

Flash Foresight and Predicting the Future - an Interview with futurist Daniel Burrus - YouTube

Envision Your Company's Future | Daniel Burrus
"your future view determines the future you"

Daniel Burrus (DanielBurrus) on Twitter

Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible: Daniel Burrus, John David Mann: 9780061922299: Books

Online Store | Daniel Burrus

12 Certainties That Will Transform Careers | Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus’ Top 25 Technology-Driven Trends for 2014 | Daniel Burrus

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