Friday, June 13, 2014

tools: Is WebRTC ready yet?

Is WebRTC ready yet?:
"WebRTC is one of the most transformative additions to the web platform, but it's still early days. 

There's a big difference between technology that makes for an interesting demo and what's needed for something that could work on par with existing video chat products."
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The idea is to have a open platform for (video and other) communication, 
equivalent to simplicity of using phone. 

Currently, Microsoft Skype, Apple Facetime, Google Hangout and Talk
are nice, but work only with equivalent tool, can not inter-operate. 
Imagine time of BBS, AOL and CompuServe private networks...
Web was a logical solution, just took some time...

One interesting part of WebRTC are dataChannels that could be used for any purpose, not only video.

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