Sunday, June 15, 2014

IoT: China "Smart City", Apple "HomeKit"

This Is How Apple Could Dominate China (AAPL):

"China is leading the Internet of Things: A recent report by the GSM Association shows that China's overall machine-to-machine -- and by extension IoT -- connectivity far surpasses anything currently in the U.S. or Europe.

China has 219 cities signed up for 'smart city' initiatives that connect local municipality infrastructure systems to the Internet. By comparison, the US public sector is just getting started with IoT in San Jose this month.

Apple's HomeKit is designed to pair third-party devices like Phillips' smart light bulbs andHoneywell's new smart thermostat together on one platform. 

This means that users won't have to open two separate apps to turn down the lights and adjust the temperature and, more importantly, they can pair both devices together and give a voice command to Siri to control both the lights and the thermostat at the same time."

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