Sunday, June 22, 2014

Datalog: data query language

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Datalog is a truly declarative logic programming language that syntactically is a subset of Prolog. It is often used as a query language for deductive databases. In recent years, Datalog has found new application in data integration, information extraction, networking, program analysis, security, andcloud computing.[1]


ancestor(X,Y) :- parent(X,Y).
 ancestor(X,Y) :- parent(X,Z),ancestor(Z,Y).

It is used by Datomic (that is based on Clojure)

The Datomic Information Model @ InfoQ 

by Rich Hickey (creator of Datomic & Clojure)

If you had a database containing these datoms (where sally, fred and ethel are stand-ins for their entity ids):
[[sally :age 21]
 [fred :age 42]
 [ethel :age 42]
 [fred :likes pizza]
 [sally :likes opera]
 [ethel :likes sushi]]
We could ask a query like this:
;;who is 42?
[:find ?e :where [?e :age 42]]
And get this result:
[[fred], [ethel]]


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