Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amazon’s New Fire Phone

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s New Fire Phone | Gadget Lab | WIRED:
Jeff Bezos announces Amazon's new phone at an event hosted by Amazon at Fremont Studios in Seattle.

There are cameras tucked into all four corners of the front of its 4.7-inch screen—not for taking Brady Bunch selfies, but to pull off some fancy “Dynamic Perspective” tricks. Using the camera’s face-tracking input, you can look around onscreen objects, even peer behind them. It’s not about popping-out-of-the-screen 3-D, but about infusing a sense of depth and realism into a bunch of flat pixels. Your phone becomes a little diorama box, with stunning effects for 3-D maps, games, and homescreen wallpaper

$200 for the 32GB version and $300 for the 64GB one. Both of those are with two-year contracts. The phone will only be available on AT&T for the time being.

$649.00 new without contract

The "big thing" with "dynamic perspective" is ability to provide view of 3D object from another angle. No need to 4 cameras and tracking, same can be cone by sliders on the touchscreen. Not as fancy, but it could work on any existing device, phone, tablet, and computer... Many phones already have a motion detectors, so some movements could be used to change perspective. Anyway, a nice but expensive phone to be competitive....

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