Sunday, April 27, 2014

course: Data Visualization for Developers

Data Visualization for Developers - Online Training Course for Developers:
by: Dan Appleman @ pluralsight

The Rules:
  1. Start with story you want to tell, or question you want to ask
  2. Have a contrast to show the story or question
  3. Focus on data
  4. Don't "make people think" (make it obvious)
Humans are good in observing: 
  • differences in nearby objects (edges, side-by-side)
  • spotting contrast, object on a distinct background
  • and observing moving objects
and nothing else. Objects that are far away can't be compared.
Comparing area / size is very difficult, as well as similar colors. 

Only recommended charts: 
  • Horizontal bar charts
  • Vertical bar (column) charts (same width bars)
  • Line charts
  • Scatter charts
  • plus table with original data
Stacked bar charts, as well as pie charts are not recommended.
Use multiple charts instead mixing multiple. 

One more JavaScript/Canvas charting library (

Is using using SVG / VML, bust still is simple JavaScript.
Warning: Google's library must be included from, not re-distributed. 

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