Thursday, February 14, 2013

ServiceStack vs ASP.Net Web API

A very interesting "code competition", how to implement HTTP services in .NET

A single person has created a truly great open source tool,
and after a few years it is getting a lot of attention and traction.

Microsoft has created a new tool as a part of ASP.NET,
that is solving similar challenge, in a similar way.
Great developers are on the task, and the tool is good.
But is it great? It is supported by Microsoft, but is it better?
It is also open source, but it has less contributors...

In any case, developers will win.
Complexity is out, and simplicity is in.
complex WCF / SOAP is out, simple(r) REST / HTTP is in.
(more) complex XML is (mostly) out, simple(r) JSON is in.

But SeviceStack is multi-talented: besides very fast JSON/HTTP,
it also supports other protocols and formats,
including Google's very efficient binary ProtocolBuffers, as well as SOAP,
then simple and fast ORM database access (vs. Microsoft EntityFramework)
then data caching, Redis access, view rendering by Razor, self hosting,
and can run on Microsoft .NET and Mono on Linux and Mac...

Here are links to podcast interviews, source code, web forums, training classes...


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