Sunday, February 17, 2013

IPHONE from 1996

Thanks to Facebook and friend Pavle Pekovic, I just realized that
I wrote about IPHONE in 1996 (!)
way before Cisco and than Apple made it famous :)

IPHONE was a title on page 166 in book "Internet"
by Dejan Ristanovic, Pavle Pekovic and Dragan Sretenovic (myself), and Dragan Vecerina (help with CD) and published in April 2006 by PC Press, Belgrade, Serbia.
In the "tools" section of the book I wrote about "Internet Phone" program VTIPHONE.

That was the time when the Internet was becoming a "big deal",
and I was deploying and promoting it in our local environment.
In 1995 I wrote a series of articles for PC Press magazine (in Serbian language),
and when Dejan suggested that we write a book about the topic
I enthusiastically embraced that... We even created a CD
with "snapshot" of popular web sites of that time,
an interesting "Time Machine" to view it now...

Archive story @ WIRED

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