Saturday, May 18, 2024

synthetic biology, agriculture: Ohalo Genetics (with AI)

another "what can go wrong", playing with nature...

New Home - Ohalo
The next revolution in agriculture: Boosted Breeding™.

introduced on:

5 years startup, $50 M investment

normal: child DNA: 50% genes from one parent, 50% from other parent (random)

Boosted Breeding (for plants only):
offspring DNA: 100% genes from one parent + 
100% genes from other parent
= GMO with double DNA of parents, no random outcomes

apparently this is already occasionally occurring in nature... (i.e. wheat, potato)
plant genes are "tools in a toolbox", to be available if needed.

result: 50%-100% or more yield increase, no size increase (corn, potato, ... ) 

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