Saturday, May 04, 2024

NVIDIA: 1000000x computing in 10 years

The cost of computing has reduced a million times in ten years!
In the next ten years computing power will increase another million times!

The future: "generative content" based on knowledge / meaning, instead of "static content" 
AI: finding "meaning of genes", "meaning of biology"

Advantage: low expectations; people with high expectations have low resilience 
Making progress requires "pain and suffering"

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Leaves Everyone SPEECHLESS (Supercut) - YouTube

"Highlights of #nvidia ( #nvda stock ) Founder and CEO Jensen Huang speaking at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). Highlights include why Nvidia dominated generative AI after #openai released #chatgpt , why they still have no serious competition, the story behind Jensen Huang's leather jacket, and much more."

TCO: total cost of ownership (an estimate of all the direct and indirect costs
involved in 
acquiring and operating a product or system over its lifetime).

NVIDIA TCO is so good that even if competition was free it would not be cheap enough to switch

Timestamps for this Nvidia & Stanford supercut: 00:00 NVIDIA AI Chips Now And In 2029 05:46 Why NVIDIA Has No Real Competition 08:06 Why NVIDIA Will Keep Dominating AI 11:28 Pain & Suffering - Advice for Entrepreneurs 13:09 The Truth Behind Jensen's Leather Jacket

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