Saturday, December 23, 2023

AI + React: v0 by Vercel, with Tailwind CSS

v0 by Vercel

Introducing v0: Generative UI - YouTube

v0: Vercel's AI-Powered React Component Creator
The AI-powered v0 looked fascinating on its release, but has been stuck behind a waitlist till now. Vercel has dropped that list, opening it to all users. Even Larry David would admit it's pretty, pretty good.

Announcing v0: Generative UI – Vercel

Here’s how it works:Describe the interface you want to build
v0 produces code using open-source tools like React, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI
Select an iteration and keep editing in v0
When you're ready, copy and paste that code into your app and develop from there

v0 FAQ

v0 is a generative user interface system by Vercel powered by AI. It generates copy-and-paste friendly React code based on shadcn/ui and Tailwind CSS that people can use in their projects.

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