Friday, July 14, 2023

SolidJS vs React

 SolidJS vs React: Which is Better In 2023?

SolidJS provides a comprehensive set of components that can be used to build complex web applications quickly and easily. It offers a lightweight and fast alternative to popular UI libraries such as React, Vue, and Angular. 

Key Features of Solid.js

  • TypeScript Support
  • JSX Support
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Asynchronous Rendering
  • Small Library Size
  • Easy Debugging and Profiling
  • Reactive and Declarative Programming

Solid stands on the shoulders of giants, particularly React and Knockout. If you've developed with React Functional Components and Hooks before, Solid will feel very natural because it follows the same philosophy as React, with unidirectional data flow, read/write segregation, and immutable interfaces.

It may feel even more natural because Solid's update model is simpler and has no Hook rules. Components execute just once, when they are first rendered, and Hooks and bindings only execute when their dependencies update. This completely different implementation forgoes a Virtual DOM.

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