Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Carbon: new programming language from Google, C++ replacement

Google recently announced their C++ replacement language "Carbon".

Carbon, or Carbon-Lang, is an experimental, general-purpose programming language created to be a "C++ successor". The project is open-source and was started by Google, following in the footsteps of previous Google-made programming languages (Go and Dart).

package Sample api;    

fn Main() -> i32 {
    Print("Hello, World!");
    return 0;

Carbon Programming Language  - Tutorial | Better Programming

"Rust is thoroughly evaluated as a replacement to C++. Infact Carbon language insists to use Rust and ignore Carbon if possible as Rust is technically and economically more viable language.

However for organizations that are already using C++ , it’s very difficult to migrate to Rust. Software written in Rust has properties and modules that non of the languages like C++ or Carbon has. Adapting to Rust for large C++ codebases is almost not practical given that there is no inter-operability."

Thoughts on Google Carbon - YouTube

Carbon is a new early-stage programming language from Google designed as a successor to C++ for low level systems development. It has full interoperability with Cpp, along with improved memory safety, generics, and a cleaner syntax.

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