Tuesday, May 31, 2022

WAPM: WebAssembly Package Manager (!)


introduction to wapm (webassembly package manager) tutorial using wasmer, assemblyscript and as-wasi - YouTube

by Chris Hay

"WAPM is a package manager for WebAssembly created by the folks at WASMER. Think of it as npm but for webassembly. In this video we explore the various features of WAPM and how you can use WASM modules on the online playground and how to install wasm modules locally using WAPM. In addition we get underneath and look at how WAPM packages up the modules and show how it can be used by both wasmer and wasmtime runtimes. In addition, we create and publish our own WAPM package with our own WebAssembly (WASM) module using assemblyscript. We create a simple hello-world program that outputs hello world to the console using WASI (WebAssembly System Interface) and as-wasi. WASI allows you to access console, environment and filesystem from webassembly using extensions. Finally we package our application and publish it to the wapm.io registry."

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