Sunday, September 05, 2021

HW: Performance per Watt Is the New Moore’s Law => Koomey’s Law

 Performance per Watt Is the New Moore’s Law - Arm Blueprint

"Koomey’s Law, coined in 2010 and named for Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey, describes a trend in the number of computations per joule of dissipated energy. This number doubled every 18 months from 1945 to 2000 (100x per decade), then slowed, doubling every 2.6 years or so since (16x per decade).

Koomey’s Law reflects the prevailing metric of computing power – peak efficiency initially then, more recently, typical use efficiency – and also the relatively static nature of power budgets. We expect our devices to have a certain power profile, even as Moore’s Law increases their compute capability.

It’s clear that the tech roadmap can no longer focus on increasing processing power alone. Squeezing more performance out of the same chips remains a top priority, and performance per watt is where it’s at. But it’s more than just watts – it’s also energy, the amount of power consumed over time."

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