Wednesday, December 23, 2020

AWS Proton

AWS Proton | Fully Managed Application Deployment Service | Amazon Web Services

Automated management for container and serverless deployments

Amazon Web Services Announces AWS Proton

Maintaining hundreds – or sometimes thousands – of microservices with constantly changing infrastructure resources and CI/CD configurations is a nearly impossible task for even the most capable platform teams. AWS Proton solves this by giving platform teams the tools needed to manage this complexity, while accelerating the development process.

AWS Proton enables platform teams to give developers an easy way to deploy their code using containers and serverless technologies, using the management tools, governance, and visibility needed to provide consistent standards and best practices.

What is AWS Proton - AWS Proton

				A diagram that describes the main Proton concepts discussed in the preceding
					paragraph. It also offers a high-level overview of what constitutes a simple
					Proton workflow divided into the following six steps.

Deepak Singh, AWS | AWS re:Invent 2020. - YouTube

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