Saturday, February 02, 2019

MOOC Stats 2018

Year of MOOC-based Degrees: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2018 — Class Central

"Here is a list of top five MOOC providers by registered users:
  • Coursera – 37 million
  • edX – 18 million
  • XuetangX – 14 million
  • Udacity – 10 million
  • FutureLearn – 8.7 million
By the end of 2018, over 900 universities around the world had announced or launched 11.4k MOOCs, with around 2000 new courses added to the list this year (down from 2500 courses in 2017). The number of available MOOCs has grown dramatically in the last few years due to scheduling policy changes, but since user growth hasn’t kept up, each course is getting fewer users."

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