Tuesday, October 24, 2017

quantum computing: Intel vs Google (vs. GPUs)

Google Aims to Demonstrate Quantum Supremacy with a 50-Qubit Processor

"In a paper published in Nature, Google has revealed its plans to demonstrate that quantum computers can perform a computational task beyond the capability of a classical computer, a claim known as quantum supremacy. Key in Google’s plan is building a 50-qubit processors to solve quantum sampling problems."

"While Intel executives say Moore's Law is doing fine, last year the MIT Technology Review declared that it was dead, and earlier this year Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said the same thing."

Nvidia’s Huang predicts further advances to come from GPU computing.

by the way, all those fast GPUs come with a high price...

NVIDIA Tesla P100 Price Analysis | Microway
Tesla P100 SXM2 : 16GB : $9,428* : 5.3 TFLOPS : $1,779

Big Bang For The Buck Jump With Volta DGX-1

Microsoft just upped its multi-million bet on quantum computing | ZDNet

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