Thursday, August 17, 2017

cloud: Azure Event Grid

Microsoft Ships Azure Event Grid for Unified Event Processing

"The Azure Event Grid takes events generated from Azure services, or custom apps, and routes them to chosen handlers. This service offers developers and operators a single event stream to tap into for serverless apps, app integration, or ops automation.

Microsoft claims that the Azure Event Grid scales to millions of events per second. The first 100,000 operations per month are free, and users pay $0.60 per million operations after that. like Google Cloud Storage emit events to Google Cloud Pub/Sub, but this is only for a subset of services, and messaging topics are self-managed. In the AWS cloud, SQS takes events from a handful of services, and CloudWatch publishes events to a few types of handlers."

Event Publishers and Handlers
"...working to deliver many more event sources and destinations later this year, including Azure Active Directory, API Management, IoT Hub, Service Bus, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Factory, and Storage Queues"

(Alternative Azure Service) Service Bus (Topics) is really an enterprise messaging product. If you're moving money or material you probably want transactions, deadlettering, duplicate detection, sessions and other capabilities that Service Bus provides you. Event Grid is really about eventing, not enterprise messaging..."

video: Azure Event Grid @ Azure Friday

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