Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Azure AD B2C

Microsoft Azure AD is a very useful authentication system.
It enables integrated user management, as well as integration with 3rd party providers,
such as Facebook, Google, Outlook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo etc.
It can be used for both internal as well as public facing web and mobile applications.
And it can also synchronize with on premise Active Directory.

Azure Active Directory B2C is now generally available in North America | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory B2C | Microsoft Azure
"Consumer identity and access management in the cloud
  • Improve connection with your consumers
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Scale to hundreds of millions of consumers
  • Help protect your consumers’ identities
  • Let consumers use their social media accounts
  • Customizable workflows for consumer interactions"
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OAuth 2.0 Roles

related excellent course:

The author of the course is core contributor on .NET based authentication tool "Identity Server"
that could be an alternative to Azure AD to manage yourself. | Dominick Baier on Identity & Access Control

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