Thursday, February 25, 2016

new Native Prog. Languages: Go, Rust, Swift, C# core

Beyond the Hype: 4 Years of Go in Production @ InfoQ
GoLang 2 servers vs Ruby 30 servers (in production)

The Computer Language Benchmarks Game

Go vs Java (64-bit Ubuntu quad core) | Computer Language Benchmarks Game
In most of tests Go is faster than Java.

Go vs Node vs Rust vs Swift
Interesting... Even Python is apparently using LLVM to compile to native code (pypy).
Even .NET core is using LLVM for compiling to native code on Linux.
Apple's Swift language is created by Chris Lattner, same person who created LLVM.
And while Go and C# are still using GC even when compile to native code, 
Swift is using reference counting, that is more predictable than GC. 
Result: solid performance, so it may be a good language for sever and system programming also.
Even Rust is based on LLVM.

Swift vs Go vs Python battle

Less time is better on this chart:

IBM Pushes Swift for the Cloud with Swift Runtime, Package Catalog, and More

Introducing the IBM Swift Sandbox - Swift

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