Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Microsoft PowerApps (!)

Introducing Microsoft PowerApps - The Official Microsoft Blog

Microsoft PowerApps: power your business with apps

Introducing Microsoft PowerApps @ InfoQ
"Microsoft positions this service’s ability to improve productivity, by requiring a low-barrier of entry when developing business applications, as a key enabler. PowerApps can be developed by business users who have the ability to access corporate or third party data on mobile devices or through a web based interface. At launch, Microsoft is targeting PowerApps support for Windows, IOS, Android and Web browsers.

A primary use case for the service is to allow business users to develop these applications by dragging and dropping controls and data sources onto a form-based user interface. Professional developers participate in the development of these applications by developing APIs on the Azure API App platform which can be consumed by PowerApps. IT Professionals manage the deployment of these applications and APIs in order to make applications available across the enterprise."

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Microsoft Project Siena (Beta)

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Microsoft Project Siena (Beta)

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