Sunday, December 20, 2015

HiPPO vs. A/B testing

podcast: Episode 669: A or B : Planet Money : NPR : transcript

"SIROKER: These decisions, typically in organizations, get made using a method known as the 
HiPPO syndrome - the highest-paid person's opinion.
HENN: Dan Siroker says there is a problem with the highest-paid person theory, this HiPPO method.
SIROKER: Very rarely is the HiPPO opinion the most effective.

HENN: But, you know, this is the way most businesses work. It's the way the world works. "

"A/B tests are everywhere these days. Major websites, in stores, in classrooms
- everyone's trying to figure out what you like better version A or version B. "

What is A/B testing

"...the most deaths by wild animals in Africa are caused by hippos..."

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