Sunday, December 20, 2015

Azure Container Service Preview

Microsoft Makes Azure Container Service Preview Available @ InfoQ
"Microsoft has recently announced the Azure Container Service has reached preview status. The service was first discussed at the AzureCon event earlier this fall and is now available to customers through a self-nomination process.
Microsoft and Mesosphere selected open source components from Mesos and Mesosphere DCOS including:
  • Apache Mesos – a distributed systems kernel
  • Mesosphere Marathon – a framework that manages the life cycle of a container that includes the starting, stopping and scaling of applications.
  • Mesos-DNS – a stateless DNS server for Mesos
  • Chronos – a distributed, fault-tolerant scheduler
  • Docker Containerization – support for launching tasks that contain Docker images
...Mesos’ underlying technology is also responsible for running both Twitter and Apple Siri.
Currently, only Linux containers are supported in the service."

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