Thursday, February 05, 2015

technology person: Jim Clark

I just observed that person who created 3 essential multi-billion companies,
Silicon Graphics, Netscape, Healtheon, is also investor in new trading company iEX
that is re-inventing investment industry. (book: Flash Boys)
Some people are really special, changing the world.

IEX Group - About Us | A Market That Works For Investors
James H. Clark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Search Engine @ NYTimes
"Searcher? He couldn't very well put down that...
The new new thing is a notion that's poised to be taken seriously. It's the idea that is moments from gaining general acceptance and, when it does, will change the world."

book: The New New Thing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story is a book by Michael M. Lewis published in 1999 by W. W. Norton & Company.[1] The book focuses on the founder of several Silicon Valley companies, James H. Clark, and the entrepreneurial culture that dominated the area during the height of the Internet boom"

The New New Thing (chapter 1) @ BusinessWeek

This is his advanced yacht
Hyperion (yacht) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An Adaptation From ‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,’ by Michael Lewis -

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