Saturday, September 13, 2014

U2 + iTunes = free :)

U2 Releases First Studio Album in 5 Years at Apple Event — It's Free @ mashable
"In an unconventional music deal, Bono and the band are teaming up with the tech giant to release new material, U2's first studio album in five years. U2 announced the album,Songs of Innocence, Tuesday after performing "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)." Then, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Bono released it for free on iTunes, only for Apple until October 13."

26 U2 Albums Hit iTunes Top Albums Chart at Once After Apple Stunt
"U2's surprise free album on iTunes was ridiculed by some iPhone users for forcing its way onto their devices this week, but U2 is having the last laugh as the Apple stunt for the band's new Songs of Innocence inspired fans to purchase other U2 titles on iTunes."

U2 - Songs of Innocence 2014 - YouTube

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