Friday, December 05, 2014

Torque, Microsoft’s Alternative To “OK Google"

Torque, Microsoft’s Alternative To “OK Google,” Now Works On Android Smartphones | TechCrunch
"Microsoft... released an app for Android smartphone users called Torque that allows you to shake your phone in order to perform a voice search, similar to Google’s “OK Google."
That Microsoft is actively developing Android applications outside of its company’s flagship software products like Microsoft Office, Xbox, OneDrive or Outlook, for example, may be news to some. But Torque is representative of Microsoft’s newer thinking which sees the company attempting to engage with the broader mobile ecosystem.

The Torque app was developed by Microsoft Garage, a group exploring, experimenting with and releasing cross-platform consumer applications. The organization, which grew out of Office Labs in 2009, is about connecting Microsoft engineers and its engineering projects with customers to see how its technologies are received."

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