Monday, September 01, 2014

Pluralsight + $135 M = $1 B

Pluralsight Raises $135 Million At A Valuation Approaching $1 Billion | TechCrunch:

"The online technology training service Pluralsight has raised a whopping $135 million in new financing as it looks to consolidate its position as a major player in personal and professional continuing information technology education. 


The new round gives the company a valuation close to $1 billion, according to (CEO) Skonnard."

Pluralsight is a really great service and resource, but still far from perfect.

While classes are teaching agile and modular coding,

the classes for the most part large, monolithic and enclosed.

If they do change over time, it is not easy to find that,

and there is still no quick way to go back and get essence / summary.

In any case, this is a great news, keep improving Pluralsight!

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